Rte 212 Plays Streetsboro Family Days Festival

What started out as a beautiful day soon turned into a stormy evening...


Rte 212

Streetsboro Family Days 7/26/2018

Apprehension. It started out with weather reports of thunder and lightning forecasted for the evening. The band knows all too well that rain and electronics don’t mix. Text messages flew over the airwaves early that morning making everyone aware of the potential for disaster.

“Are we playing under a cover?”

“What do we do if it rains?”

“Is there enough plastic in the world to cover our gear?”

Fortunately, we were playing beneath a large tent. Plastic tarps had already been placed near the monitors to be unrolled if and when the rain started. There were tents set up on either side of the stage for the audience to take cover beneath. A little rain wasn’t going to stop the party. Now, lightning on the other hand, well that’s different.

Safety first. At first sight of lightning, the event management shut us down. We were just five songs into our show and had to start packing up. We didn’t even get to play “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” yet.

Look, outdoor shows look great and we love playing them. However, they are at the mercy of our fickle Ohio weather. One moment you’re rocking out and the next you’re running for cover.

Rte 212 would like to thank our awesome fans for braving the weather to see us. See you next time!