Steve Penfound

I've been playing guitar for 50 years, but one would never suspect that if you've ever seen or heard me play!

I was heavily influenced early on by The Beatles, The Guess Who and by the great John Fogerty with Creedence Clearwater Revival. From there I gravitated to great AOR bands like The Who, Pink Floyd and one of my personal favorites - Yes.

I joined my first rock cover band as a rhythm guitarist just after graduating high school and I realized that I needed to play original music if I was going to "make it big", so together with my good friend Mike Miller, we started The Modifiers. After a couple years of clawing and scratching and a bit of tragedy, the band morphed into Y.B. Normal and eventually became PG-13.

While attending college, me and a classmate started my first cover band since high school called Moxie, which played hundreds of shows over the course of several years. I got out of the music scene for a while after that to raise my two beautiful children.

For the first several years of the 21st century, I went back to doing some original Techno/Industrial music with my brother from another mother, Chris Steagall (Art4Art, Edge of Stability and Throb). That's as close as I've gotten to being successful with original music when we had our song "Custom Fit Girl", which was mixed and produced by the great Andy K from Stabbing Westward, played on some local alternative radio programs.

I didn't join my first country band Blackfire until 2011, which went on to become Ohio's Heartland. Playing in Heartland is how I met Raj and saw how off-the-hook good he was sawing that fiddle! When he called and said he was starting his own band and asked if I knew any guitar players that would be interested, I said Hell Yeah - me! The rest, as they say, is history! Why not come take a ride with us down Rte 2-1-2!